Principles of science

·       Developing subject knowledge and understanding of curriculum content

·       Using correctly scientific vocabulary

·       Adults modelling using correct scientific vocabulary in correct context

·       Ongoing assessment to meet the needs of all children in our class

·       Foster curiosity and build on children’s interests

·       Practical learning to build on the subject knowledge in order to embed understanding of the scientific curriculum

·       Opportunities for children to promote deeper thinking through focussing on key areas of working scientifically

·       Build up an understanding of modern and historical scientists and how they influence what we know today.

Inspire children by meeting scientists and engineers who work within STEM subjects and discuss how they are used within the workplace.
Enrich children’s love of science/STEM through extra-curricular activities or development opportunities through school based tasks.

Assessment in Science

This document aims to show you how we assess children’s knowledge in Science.  There are a range of skills which are developed through their time in primary school. Children will revisit the skills as they progress through the school.

Home Learning

There are a number of websites which can support you with home learning in Science. 

Developing Experts

This is the main website we're using in school for Science at the moment. Please ask your child's teacher for a log in. You may not be able to do some of the experiments at home but there are resources for all ages, including videos and quizzes.

BBC Bitesize

There are a number of videos and quizzes relating to each Science topic. If your child is in Year 1 or 2, click on KS1. If your child is in Year 3, 4, 5 or 6, please click on KS2.

Oak National Academy

There are a number of lessons on this site which have been prepared and recorded by qualified teachers. Each lesson contains a video and then activities to support your child's learning.