Please contact the school office if you’d like a paper copy of any of these policies. Thank you

Updated Safeguarding Policy Luddington

Teaching and Learning Policy

Parent Code of Conduct

Uniform Policy

Marking and Feedback Policy

Visitor Policy

Young Carers Policy

Emergency Inhalers in Schools

Administering Medicines in School (Guidance for Staff)

Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions

Charging and Remissions Policy

Staff Acceptable Use Policy

Behaviour Policy September 2016

Social Media Policy

SEND Policy (Updated April 2017)

Personal Data Handling Policy

Bring your Own Device Policy

KS2 Acceptable Use Policy

Nursery Additional Hours Policy

Medical Needs Policy

Exclusion Policy

EYFS KS1 Acceptable Use Policy

eSafety Policy

Disability Equality Policy

Disability Equality Policy

Complaints Policy

Homework Policy

Luddington and Garthorpe Primary School Science Policy

Safeguarding Arrangements during the Covid Pandemic

Whistleblowing policy