Live Lessons

We are pleased to be able to offer all children who are at home the opportunity to participate in live lessons every day in the case of a whole class having to isolate .   These lessons will be delivered by your child’s class teacher wherever possible.

EYFS children will participate in a live phonics lesson and a story time.  In addition, over the coming weeks we’ll be adding in a live Maths lesson.  Mrs Eggington will let you know the times through Class Dojo.

KS1 and KS2 children (those in Mrs Parrott’s, Mr Cullen’s and Mrs McDermott’s class) will have one English, one Maths and one topic lesson a day.  Again, the teachers will let you know via Class Dojo what time these will be.

In addition, your child will be set one task per day which they will be asked to complete independently.   Children in KS1 are expected to have lessons/study for 3 hours a day and children in KS2 are asked to complete 4 hours a day.  This is in line with the latest governmental guidance.

Hopefully, by offering these live lessons, we have taken a lot of pressure off working parents and those of you who are trying to manage more than one child at a time.

Before each lesson starts:

  • Please make that your child has been to the toilet and has a drink with them.
  • Please make sure they have their work book and something to write with. We will let you know if they need extra materials such as crayons/felt tips but we’ll try to limit this as much as we can.
  • Please make sure they are able to log on to the lesson and that they know how to mute/unmute
  • If they have a sheet to complete, please make sure you’ve checked on Class Dojo that you can find the resources before the lesson.
  • We don’t expect you to sit with your child, particularly if they are in KS2 but please make sure they behave appropriately and participate as much as they can. 

Additional resources to support home learning

If you are unable to access the live lessons, or if you’d like additional resources to support with home learning, there are many websites out there to help. Here are just a few

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize are offering lessons every day for all ages.  In addition, if you click on this link there are a number of pre recorded lessons.

The Oak National Academy

This website was set up after the first lock down and continues to grow. It contains hundreds of pre recorded lessons for all age groups. We ask that as much as possible you choose topics which we’re studying in school too please.Click on the tree below to access the site.

EYFS (Nursery & Reception)


Jane Considine Live Lessons

Get Epic

Oxford Owl

Live Lessons

Jane Considine will be teaching English #LiveLessons every week day between Monday 11th January and Friday 12th February. 

The intention of these lessons is to help parents and teachers during the latest lockdown. The lessons relate to Jane Considine’s English Unit Plans and there will be three units of work taught during this lockdown.  Click on the title at the top to access the web page.

This website should be accessible during school hours.  Please ask your child’s teacher for the class code.

Get Epic

Oxford Owl also has a free e-book library with a range of books for all ages.

Letter Join

Spelling Shed

Pobble 365

This is the website we use in school to teach handwriting.  We have sent out the school code – please ask your child’s teacher if you need a reminder.  It can be played on a tablet or compter, as well as having access to worksheets.

Letter Join

Please continue to encourage your child to practise their spellings using this website.  If there is enough interest we may set up some weekly hive games so your child can play against other children in his/her year group.

This is a good website to support your child with writing.  There is a different picture stimulus every day, with a number of questions to support reading comprehension.  It is suitable for KS1 and KS2 children.

Once Upon a Picture 

This is a very similiar website with some good pictures to act as prompts for writing too.


We use the White Rose Maths Hub at school and they have produced a number of videos to support home learning too. Please use this website as a starting point.

My Maths

BBC Bitesize


We use the White Rose Maths Hub at school and they have produced a number of videos to support home learning too. Please use this website as a starting point.

As well as the live lessons, there are a number of games which are related to the National Curriculum. Please make sure you click on KS1 if your child is 5, 6 or 7 and KS2 if your child is older. 

Please message your child’s teacher if you need a reminder of the log on.  This is great for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

TT Rockstars



It is really important that children leave primary school knowing all of their times tables.  We have purchased a subscription to TT Rockstars and we recommend children in Year 2 upwards use it.

Although this is an American website, it has some great games and manipulatives (objects used for supporting your child in the early stages of Maths)

Quite a few of you used our Numberstacks packs in the first lock down.  It is a great resource for developing mathematical understanding, from Year R to Year 6.  Here’s a link to some of the games on the site.


Developing Experts

Wow Science

School Science

This is the website we use at school to support our Science lessons.  Your child has a log on – please message their teacher if you need a reminder

This is a great website with lots of free resources.

This is a great website which signposts you to other really good Science websites.  Please make sure you click on the right age groups.  Thank you


The Association for PE

Go Noodle

Get Ahead partnership

Videos to support with PE at home

The children love these videos in school – they may be worth a try at home too.  Suitable for all ages.

North Lincs council have a team of specialists who help to run local sports competitions.  They run virtual competitions while we’re in lock down – worth a look!

5 a day

Change 4 Life

Cosmic Kids

Perfect for short bursts of exercise for busy families!

10 minute shake ups with a Disney theme

Superhero Kids Yoga in Space is our new yoga for kids series exploring the special skills that superheroes have and helping kids learn how to use them in their own lives. This app-exclusive series is a brand new type of Cosmic Kids yoga adventure! Superheroes aren’t all about the CRASH BANG KAPOW! There’s also lots for kids to learn from them about character, mindfulness and skills.


The Arty Teacher

Draw with Rob

Darrell Wakelam

Lots of suggestions for things you should be able to do at home. 


This is a great website – he often has live drawing challenges too!

Darrell specialises in using materials you can find at home.  He loves it if you tweet him with the pictures you’ve made.  Well worth a look