Welcome to Year 3/4!

Key information:

-Class Teacher is Mr Cullen

-P.E. is on a Tuesday and a Friday (but kits are in everyday)

-Homework and reading diaries need to be in every Friday


Autumn Term

This term our history topic was Stone Age. We learnt about the tools they used for hunting and farming, how they made their houses and how the houses changed, the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. We also spoke briefly about Stonehenge. We have read ‘The Stone Age Boy’ which supported our history topic. 

In art, we have looked at producing portraits, surrealism (Salvador Dali) as well as producing fantastic Samsara wheels with Mrs Bassindale. Towards Christmas, we are producing different pictures of donkeys (pictures to follow). 

In Science we have learnt about the human body and electricity. The children have been disgusted by the digestive system and really excited to set up both series and parallel circuits. We even did an experiment to see if a lemon was a conductor or an insulator. We have used Developing Experts to support our educating as well as allow the children to access their favourite lessons at home.  

We have really liked using Oddizzi to help us with our Geography topic on ‘Rivers this half term. We now know: what the different parts of a river are called; that a river has three courses, upper, middle and lower; the uses of a river and about river pollution. The children loved the water cycle song…well most of them.

Miss Graham has helped us to use Scratch to programme. We have learnt what a sprite is, how to edit our sprite, how to select a backdrop, how to move our sprite across the screen and how to make our sprite dance to music. One of our pupils enjoyed making his own game on scratch for a homework assignment.

Useful Websites

Here are links to the websites we use regularly in school.  Please send us a  message if you’d like a reminder of your child’s log on. 

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